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Public Speaking

Giving an Effective Presentation

During this workshop, students will learn strategies to help them feel confident and use visuals effectively while delivering a presentation to an academic audience. The workshop is divided into three portions that can be offered as separate workshops or combined into one 50-minute workshop, depending on the needs of the audience. The public speaking portion focuses on drafting strong opening and closing remarks and the importance of preparation, proper language, and personal appearance. The poster design portion looks at the content and layout that make up an appealing and persuasive research poster. The slide design portion discusses how to use technology to enhance and complement communication. This workshop, offered each year for students presenting at the EWU Student Research & Creative Works Symposium, can also be customized for any classroom audience.

Learning Objectives: For students to develop skills that will help them gain confidence in public speaking, deliver their material in an engaging and persuasive manner, and use visual components and technology to effectively complement their communication.

Special Requirements: Computer with projector

Location: The Writers' Center or classroom

Duration: 50 minutes for each session, or combine all three for a 50-minute session

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