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An orientation is a great way for faculty to introduce EWU writers to the Writers' Center and its services. Responders will visit your class—or you can visit the center—and provide information about our services. We can also tailor the presentation to your specific class needs.We respectfully request faculty schedule orientations in advance to ensure we are able to provide you with the best service. 


  • General session: Introduces writers to Writers' Center mission and purpose—Learn more
  • General with sample session: Includes a sample session so writers learn what to expect—Learn more
  • General with group session: Places writers into small groups to meet with Responders—Learn more

Special Request

Don't see what you're looking for on our menu? Tell us what you need! The Writers' Center is committed to working one-on-one with instructors to develop new workshops and learning experiences for EWU students. Please let us know how we can create a customized event for you.

Request an Orientation

You can request an orientation by completing and submitting the request form or e-mailing us at

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