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Using Zoom for Online Writers' Center Consultations

Note: This help page explains how to use ZOOM for online Writers' Center consultations, which are available to all EWU students/staff/faculty. ZOOM is an EWU supported online conferencing service that allows you to use voice and video conferencing. Zoom can be downloaded for free through your EWU account. This help page assumes that you have headphones, a microphone, and a webcam.

Preparing for a Zoom Conference Call

Attach and install your webcam.
Note: Some webcams will not install correctly unless the webcam is hooked up to the computer prior to installing the software.

Scheduling and Receiving a Video Call

You must first make an appointment at the Writers' Center. Be sure to answer "Yes" when asked Is this a Zoom appointment? and include the following statement in the textbox beside the question What would you like to work on today?: "This is an online session. My Email is _________."
  1. On the day of your appointment, make sure you have your webcam, headphones, and microphone all connected.
  2. Then check your email at least five to ten minutes prior to your session. You will find an email from the WC (The subject line will read "Writers' Center Zoom Session") with instructions and a link to join your session. Copy the link in the email, (it will look like this: Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:, which will take you to the EWU Zoom page.
  3. Once there, click the link to download the Zoom application (if you've already downloaded it, the app will launch automatically. If any 'login' boxes or 'leave meeting' boxes pop up, cancel them until you see the JOIN MEETING button. It will be GREEN. CLICK the JOIN MEETING button and start your session.
  4. A Writers' Center responder will have already set up the meeting for the session. If they are not there when you try to join, wait until the top of the hour that your session is scheduled for and CLICK the JOIN MEETING button again.
  5. Begin your session. When the appointment ends, click the LEAVE MEETING button at the lower left hand corner of your ZOOM screen (It's in red).


  • For help joining a Zoom Conference click the following link:

    Beneath the One Minute Video Introductions, click on the JOIN A MEETING video for help.

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