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Testimonials from Writers:

  • "The Responder listened carefully and gave me lots of feedback to make my critique more powerful. I'm sure my final draft will be better than my first."  - Yun Joo Kim

  • "This is an awesome resource. Before going to the Center, I was confused on how to approach my research paper. Now I know what direction to take and feel excited to start my paper."  - Ingrid Grady

Testimonials from Responders:

  • "Exploring solutions with other writers on their projects has, in turn, made me aware of solutions for my writing; the benefits gained at the Writers' Center are always mutual."  - Neal Hallgarth

  • "I find that most of my job is listening. I listen to writers' various dilemmas and I share what works for me and for other writers I know."  - Joanna Semler

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