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Who can use the services of the Writers' Center?

The Writers' Center is open to any writer in the Eastern Washington University community--students, faculty, and staff.

How does a response session work?

A response session is a free, one-on-one, 50-minute or 2-hour conversation with a professional Responder who responds to writing at any stage (brainstorming, drafts, and revisions). If you bring writing to a session, the Responder will ask you to read it aloud as a way to begin the conversation.

What type of writing can I bring to a session?

Anything. Responders give thoughtful responses to academic coursework in any discipline, creative writing, resumes and personal statements, applications, grants, professional scholarship, posters, PowerPoints, and more.

What all should I bring to a session?

Most importantly, bring your ideas and questions. If you're working on a draft, you can either bring a printed copy or your laptop, or we can open up your document on a Writers' Center computer. For class assignments, it's very helpful if you bring a copy of the prompt or assignment description, as well as any feedback your instructor may have given you.

Will Responders proofread or edit my writing?

If you want help with grammar, it's best to come in with a few issues in mind that you and a Responder can look at together. As part of the conversation, Responders will make suggestions that you may find useful, but we believe that writers should keep ownership of their writing and make the final decisions about their work. Although Responders will not physically change your writing by proofreading or "correcting" it, they will recommend and help you use proofreading and revision strategies so that you feel confident making the changes yourself.

Who or what is a Responder, anyway?

Responder is our preferred term for "tutor." Writers' Center Responders are professionals who act as an experienced audience member for your work. They join in your writing process wherever you're at and respond to your writing, ideas, and questions, offering feedback and suggestions to help you grow as a writer.

When are appointments available?

We're here on weekdays throughout the school year. Appointments can fill up fast, so make sure you schedule in advance.

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