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General FAQs

General FAQs

Do all classes count for VA benefits?

No. Only classes that are specifically required for your degree program and listed in the EWU Catalog will be counted towards your VA benefits. Example, PHED 150 does not count.

How do I receive back pay?

Generally VA will pay back pay up to one year from date of signature on application.

Why haven't I received my check yet?

  • Have you submitted the VRC a copy of your class schedule as verification that you want to claim your benifits?
  • Has your enrollment certification been done through WAVE or through the toll free verification number 1-877-823-2378 for chapters 30, 32, 1606 and 1607? (Chapters 31, 33 and 35 do not need to verify at the end of each month).
  • VA may not have processed your certification yet; it can take as little as 2 weeks to as many as 8 weeks, depending on their work load.
  • Previous over payments will be satisfied by current awards. Current benefits could be applied towards previous balance.

How do I receive benefits via direct deposit?

Direct deposit authorization can be initiated at time of application. To update, change or add direct deposit information call: 1-877-838-2778.

What is the tuition waiver? What does it cover?

Veterans: Tuition waiver covers roughly half of tuition costs. To be eligible you must be a student seeking first undergraduate degree, in state resident, full time student taking 10 or more state supported courses and be in good satisfactory academic progress towards degree. Funds are available on a limited bases and distributed first come, first serve within the priority deadline established for the quarter. Tuition waiver does not apply for summer quarter.  Click here for application and information. Waiver does not apply if receiving third party assistance, such as chapter 33, 31 or tuition assistance.

Dependents: Tuition waiver covers tuition and course fees. To qualify, a student  must be a dependent of a 100% disabled or deceased veteran as defined by U.S.  Dept. of Veteran Affairs, legal Washington state resident, must be undergraduate student seeking first undergraduate degree and documentation must be verified of veteran being a Washington state resident status at time of disability or death.  Click here for application and information.

Application can be made on a yearly basis or quarterly basis. Applications will not be awarded retroactive or past the published deadlines.

How do I change my address with the VA?

Address changes can be submitted at the time enrollment card is filled out or by calling VA at 1-888-442-4551.

Which military school credits transfer over to college credit?

At the time of application to the university veterans should submit all copies of transcripts from military experience for credit evaluation along with any other college transcripts.

How do my VA benefits affect financial aid?

VA benefits are no longer included in the calculations of financial aid awards.

Who handles tuition assistance?

Tuition assistance is through your unit and student financial services. 

I am attending at a branch campus and receive chapter 33 benefits. How is the BAH rate determined?

VA pays BAH based on the zip code of the degree granting school, not the school where classes are taken.  All chapter 33 recipients receive BAH based on the zip code in Cheney, 99004.

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