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University Apartments FAQ

Q: How long will I be on the waiting list before getting offered an apartment?

The length of time you spend on the waitlist depends upon apartment availability and your position on the waitlist. The order of the waitlist is based upon deposit date.

Our goal is to contact you a couple of months prior to your expected move-in date with an offer for a unit. We highly recommend that you turn in your application and pay your deposit to be placed on the waitlist well in advance as students can remain on the waitlist for over a year.

Q: How do I apply?

You will need to print and fill out a Family Student or Single Student Apartment application and return it to 1027 Cedar St, or email it to with your refundable $100 application deposit. The $100 application deposit can be paid by mailing a check, using visa or master card at Student Financial Services or online through EagleNet.

You will fill out the Single Student application if you are not married and have no children.

If you are married or have children you will fill out a Family Student application.

Q: How long is the apartment contract for?

Our apartment contract terms run from July 1 through December 31st and from January 1 through June 30th. If you move in after the beginning of the contract term, we will prorate you into the contract and your contract will only go through either December 31 or June 30th as applicable. For example, if you move in on August 15th, you will only be charged rent for August 15th through December 31st; your contract will expire on December 31st. After the initial contract term you can sign another contract for the next contract term.

Q: How much is rent?

It depends on the complex you are living in, the size of the unit and if you are a family or graduate student. Graduate student and single student rates are per person per bedroom. Refer to the Anna Maria or Townhouse sections of this website for rental prices.

Q: Who do we rent to?

Family Students and Single Students who are working on a graduate degree or are age 25+ enrolled full-time at Eastern Washington University are eligible to live in the University Apartments. To determine eligibility, refer to the main University Apartments page. You must be enrolled for at least 10 credits during Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters to be eligible for the university apartments.

Q: Are pets allowed?

No. The only exception is students with approved service/assistance animals and fish. The student must get prior approval through Disability Support Service for all service animals. Having an unauthorized pet in the apartment will result in a fine.

Q: How do I pay my utilities?

Utilities are paid to the City of Cheney. You will need to pay the $150 deposit to the City of Cheney and set up your account prior to moving into the apartment. Utility bills are due by the 15th day of each month for the prior month's charges. The City of Cheney allows online payments on their website.

Single students who are sharing a unit with another single student will not have to pay electricity to the City of Cheney as that cost is included in their rent.

Q: How much is the deposit?

The total deposit needed to move in is $450. When you apply, $100 of the deposit goes with the application; the other $350 is due prior to receiving your keys. When you move out we charge $200 for carpet cleaning which leaves $250 of the $450 deposit refundable providing that you leave the unit clean and with no damages.

Q: What is included with rent?

Water, sewer, garbage, expanded basic cable, 6 meg internet (you must have a router to get wifi), and one parking permit are included in your monthly rent payment. All apartments include refrigerator, range/oven and window drapes/blinds. Each student will need to provide their own furniture as all units are unfurnished.

Single students who are sharing a unit with another single student will have electricity included in their rent.

Q: Do I have to move out right after I graduate?

Once you graduate, you are no longer eligible to live on campus. It is required that all students be enrolled for 10 or more credits per quarter. You must move out of your unit by the second weekend after your graduation date. Example: If you graduate June 11th you must be completely moved out of your unit by June 25th.

Q: Do I have to move out during the summer?

No. As long as you will be attending EWU full-time the following Fall quarter, you may live in your apartment during the summer. Furthermore we can not guarantee your apartment will be available  if you move out at the end of Spring Quarter as that unit would be offered to someone on the waitlist.

Q: I want to move out – what do I need to do?

Steps to a Proper Move-Out:

1: Turn in the Intent to Vacate,  20-day notice form to the University Apartments office in snyamncut (located at 1027 Cedar St) or by emailing

2: Make a move-out inspection appointment with your apartment managers at least 3 days in advance and pick up a cleaning checklist.

3: Move out all of your belongings.

4: Complete all items on the cleaning checklist.

5: Meet with your manager to do your move-out inspection and turn in your keys. 

6: Change your address in Eaglenet and with the Post Office.

7: Contact the City of Cheney to release utilities back into EWU's name beginning the day of your move out. 

Q: Can I view a unit prior to getting on the waitlist?

Yes. We often have units available for you to view. If you wish to see units in all three complexes you will need to contact the University Apartments office and make an appointment to see the units. If you are only interested in a specific complex please call the apartment managers for the complex you would like to see a unit in. If you wish to see a unit after the hours of 8am-4:30pm Monday through Friday you will need to contact the apartment managers for the complex you would like to see.

Anna Maria Managers: 509-979-6527

Townhouse Managers: 509-979-6589

Q: What are my internet options?

We now provide 6 meg internet through Davis Communications included in the cost of your rent. When you move in you will recieve a cable modem which will be checked out to you. You will return the cable modem when you move out.

If you would like wireless internet you can connect a wireless router to the cable modem. If you would like higher speed internet you can go through CenturyLink (internet goes through phone connection) or Davis Communications. If you choose to upgrade to a faster plan through Davis Communications you will need to set up an account with them but you will recieve a discount of $19.95 per month compared to the cost off campus customers pay.

Q: How do I pay my rent?

You have a couple of choices; if you are "on contract" meaning you are not in month-to-month status, your rent for the entire quarter may be charged during Fall, Winter, and Spring at the beginning of the quarter. In this case, your financial aid, if you have enough after tuition and fees will apply to your rent. The other option, is your rent can be charged to your student account monthly. If you are in month-to-month status your rent will be charged monthly. July and August are always charged monthly.

If you have a remaining balance after financial aid is processed or you are paying on a monthly basis, you may either pay online through EagleNet or in person at Student Financial Services. Rent is due by the 5th of the month.

Q: Do you accept HUD payments?

Yes. You will be responsible for setting up everything with Spokane Housing Authority or other third party payee but you need to tell the payee that your contract will be a six month term. Some payees require one year contract terms and the University does not currently offer a contract term over six months. Once everything is set up, we will begin receiving payments and they will be applied directly to the rent charges on your student account. If your third party payments do not cover the full costs of rent, you are responsible for the remaining balance. 

Q: Are there washer/dryer hookups?

No. There are coin operated laundry facilities on site.

Q: How do I find out if there is a unit available to me?

As soon as units become available we will contact you via email. You will then have a choice to move into the available unit, remain on the waitlist or remove your name from the waitlist and receive your $100 deposit back. If you accept an apartment and later cancel you will forfeit your $100 application deposit.

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