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University Apartments

University Apartments located in the Housing Office in snyamncut (1027 Cedar St)

Discover the University Apartments community of Eastern Washington University. The ideal location of the EWU Apartments provides the perfect blend of college and family life. We offer affordable, convenient housing on the Cheney campus, relatively close to downtown Cheney, and with easy access to Spokane Transit Authority bus routes around Cheney and into Spokane. This community gets you involved with the many activities happening around EWU. Whether you are new or continuing at EWU, we want you to feel comfortable with your choice to live in our apartment community.

The University Apartments proudly supports the overall university mission: EWU expands opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning.

We care about our student's financial well being. Be sure to check out this awesome free financial literacy resource which can help you with budgeting, planning for life after graduation and more:

Click the link below to get to your housing portal to see your room inspections or create work orders:

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Our University Apartment/family friendly facilities include:
Anna Maria Apartments
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Family Townhouses

Our university apartment complexes are available to Eastern Washington University students, at least 18 years of age, who can meet one of the following requirements:

  • Married couples with or without children who provide a marriage license.
  • Unmarried couples without children who provide a Certificate of Registered Domestic Partnership that is recognized by Washington State.
  • Unmarried couples with children (click here for more details)
  • Single parents with children (click here for more details)
  • Single graduate students defined as a student who has completed their Bachelor's degree and is working on their Master's or Doctoral program.
  • Single students aged 25+ 

Priority goes to family students, however, we do greatly take into consideration deposit date when assigning units.

Our contract periods run from July 1 through December 31 and January 1 through June 30. Students who move in between these contract dates will be prorated into their contract and their contract will expire either December 31 or June 30, whichever is sooner. They then have the option of signing an additional six month contract.

Equal Housing Opportunity

Eastern Washington University and Spokane county are committed to the principle that all individuals should have available to them an equal opportunity for housing choices regardless of their race, color, religion, familial status, sex, national origin or handicap.

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EWU expands opportunities for personal transformation through excellence in learning.