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Keynote Luncheon Speaker

Dr. El-Alayli 

Dr. Amani El-Alayli grew up in the Detroit area and then completed her Bachelor's degree at two University of Michigan campuses.  She earned her doctorate degree in Social and Personality Psychology at Michigan State University.  After completing school, Dr. El-Alayli worked as a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Florida before joining the Psychology Department of Eastern Washington University in 2003.  She primarily teaches courses in social psychology, general psychology, research methods, and statistics.

Over the years, Dr. El-Alayli has worked with dozens of students, as well as some peers, to conduct research on an array of topics such as the effects of using disclaimers (e.g., "I don't mean to sound arrogant, but...") on person perception, and the factors that influence motivation after failure.  She has focused most of her research attention on two topics: self-perception biases and stereotyping/discrimination.  Specifically, she has published research on positively distorted self-perceptions and the impact they could have on our motivation, our relationships, and even how we perceive our pets.  Dr. El-Alayli has also devoted a lot of time examining gender stereotypes, such as the effects of such stereotypes on the athletic performance of women, and students' treatment of their female professors.  In addition, she has examined whether a person seeking rental housing may be treated differently depending on that person's apparent religious affiliation.  In conducting research on discrimination, Dr. El-Alayli has been specifically interested in understanding the manner in which discrimination can occur unintentionally and emerge in subtle ways that might still influence others.

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