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FAQs - Travel to NCUR


 EWU NCUR 2017

 EWU students and faculty at NCUR 2017 hosted by the University of Memphis - TN


  1. Will EWU pay for travel funding for all students who are accepted to NCUR?
    Unfortunately, funding is limited to primary students of accepted abstract and it is possible EWU will not be able to fund all students accepted by NCUR.
  2. How many students will be funded to attend NCUR?
    The number of primary students funded by EWU for travel to NCUR varies, according to budget. 

  3. What travel expenses will EWU cover?
    EWU will pay the majority of expenses for primary student's travel to NCUR, as follows: conference registration, airfare, transportation between airport & hotel, and lodging & meals per diem. Transportation between hotel and conference site will be provided by NCUR.  Students will be responsible for expenses they incur, such as souvenirs, personal side-trip, food purchases over maximum per diem and incidental expenses rate.

  4. How to register when you are an eligible EWU student (full-time UG) accepted by NCUR, as "primary presenter" of submitted abstract?
    Payment Details: Invoice My Institution
    Coordinator Name: Mary Jo Van Bemmel
    Coordinator E-mail:

  5. I am not currently attending EWU, but conducted my research at EWU. May I apply for travel funding?
    You must be an enrolled full-time EWU student to receive travel funding. If travel occurs during a quarter break, you must be enrolled in the quarters before AND after travel. For example, if the conference takes place during spring break, you must be enrolled BOTH winter AND spring quarters.
  6. I am not presenting at NCUR. May I still apply for travel funding?
    Unfortunately, funding is available only for primary students accepted to present at NCUR.

  7. May I leave earlier/stay later than the conference dates?
    It may be possible to change your travel dates; any change that results in an increase of original cost is the student's responsibility.  If this is necessary; then immediately contact Mary Jo Van Bemmel with your travel change request.

  8. May I travel with my spouse/friend/etc.?
    EWU will not pay for any expense of your travel companion's.  Your travel companion is responsible for arranging their transportation to/from the hotel/airport, and lodging. Please contact Mary Jo Van Bemmel for airline itinerary and lodging information.

  9. How much will I receive for meals?
    Primary students will receive funds from EWU to pay for their meals at per diem rate while they are in travel status, according to the government & state policies detailed on links below. Meals provided by the conference will be deducted from their daily allowance.

  10. How many students will share a room?
    At least two students will be assigned to a room with at least two beds.

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