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Scholarship Application Guidelines

  • Once your application has been submitted online, you will be notified whether your application has been approved or disapproved. If approved, you will be notified of the amount of the award. Please note that the amount of the award may be less than the amount applied for. You will be notified approximately one month following the application deadline.

  • If your application is approved; you will be notified by e-mail letter your book order request(s) was forwarded by this office to EWU Bookstore who will place the order for you.

  • The EWU Bookstore may purchase used rather than new book, as necessary.
  • The explicit exclusion of "textbooks" also applies to materials which are essentially guides or manuals dealing with such things as instrumental course-related operations, information which pertains to specific changing or intermittent data or requirements, or to other ephemeral print (such as manuals, almanacs, and most encyclopedias), including periodical subscriptions. Textbooks of general interest and not for a course the applicant is taking and not in the applicant's major field will be considered for approval.
  • The following book requests will not be considered for approval: language dictionaries for courses currently being taken, or being used to meet university requirements; books for other people's regular use (e.g., children's books to be read to your own children or in a class library); and, electronic media such as videos, CDs, tapes, etc.
  • No provisions in the Endowment allow for other types of acquisition or cultural experience than those described. Such items as electronic or cinematic reproductions, collection of original art or artifacts, manuscripts or rare editions, "popular concerts"--though possibly worthy as culturally broadening--cannot be considered for grants.
  • If EWU Bookstore is unable to order your approved book and you are given permission to purchase it; then for reimbursement refer to web page  Obtaining Your Award.
  • You will need to include tax and shipping in the cost of the book(s) requested in your application. If these additional costs are not included in the application; then your award may not be enough to pay full amount and you will need to pay the difference.
  • Expenses for travel, food and housing related to grants for attendance at extracurricular events cannot be awarded.

Guidelines for Student Essay

  • A one page essay is a requirement for scholarship approval.
  • The essay should indicate why the books(s) will be an important addition to your personal library and why you wish to have the book.
  • The essay can include what the book is about and its validity as a worthwhile purchase.
  • Cut and paste a review (including the url address) of the book provided by a library source, regular or online book vendor (such as Aunties Bookstore, Barnes & Noble, or or a brief review of the book by a faculty member that is substantive and not pro forma will be considered as evidence of validity and must be submitted with the application.

Scholarship Priorities for Approval (in order from highest to lowest)

  • Books from outside of the EWU full-time student's major.
  • Other vocational interests and hobbies and tickets to cultural events.
  • Classics within the students major field, the works must be at least ten years old. Except for classics, no awards will be made within the major field unless the interest is avocational rather than vocational. This must be demonstrated in the student essay.
  • A collegiate level dictionary may be approved as one of the two book requests.
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