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Student Support and Advocacy

Michelle Helmerick

Michelle Helmerick

Student Support and Advocacy Manager

Showalter Hall 300


In Student Support and Advocacy, we provide student assistance and support in times of challenge, crisis, or emergency.

Click here for Getting Help After Sexual Assault, Domestic/Dating Violence, Sexual Harassment, and Stalking 

Student Absence NotificationStudents are responsible for notifying their faculty regarding class absences.  However, our office can assist in notification of an absence due to hospitalization, death in the family or other emergency out of the student's control.Class absences can only be approved by individual faculty.  Our office notification is intended to provide students a method of relaying documented absence information in a time of crisis or emergency.

Personal Crisis
Students experiencing a personal crisis should contact our office for assistance.  We can personalize our response to your needs, helping to connect you with resources, offering support, answering questions, and communicating on your behalf if you are unable to do so.  We can provide assistance if

  • You have been sexually assaulted
  • You are a crime victim
  • You are experiencing extreme illness/medical situation
  • You have lost a loved one

Student Emergency Fund
This fund is made possible through the generous donations made to the Parent Fund.  This fund was created to provide compassionate assistance to students who encounter unforeseen financial emergencies or catastrophic events that may hamper their academic progress

Student Emergency Fund Criteria

Student Emergency Fund Form

Faculty and Staff Resources

We encourage faculty and staff to direct students to us or contact us regarding a consultation, resources, or if you have any concerns

  • About a student's well-being
  • Regarding a student emergency (such as a death in the family) or serious personal incident (such as sexual assault)
  • About a significant student mental/physical health issue
  • Regarding how to direct a student struggling with a university-related challenge

Parent/Family Member Resources
There are times in which parents or family members feel the need to contact the university concerning a student.  If you are a parent or concerned party, you can contact us and we can give you guidance on how to proceed.  We will do our best to connect you with the appropriate resources.

Please note that we operate in compliance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) so certain information may be unavailable without a release.  However, while we may not be able to discuss a specific situation we can, in general, discuss policies and procedures.  Often times this can go a long way in resolving concerns about how things work on campus.


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