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Sexual Assault Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  If I am the victim of a sexual assault, will other people find out about what happened to me?

A.  If you speak with one of the confidential resources listed on this site and are 18 years of age or older, it will remain confidential.  If you disclose or report the sexual assault to another university employee, they may need to report to other university officials, such as the Title IX Coordinator or EWU Police but your information will remain as private and limited as possible. 

Q.  Will the University contact my parents if I am a victim of sexual assault?

A.  EWU encourages all students to talk with their parents/family as a source of support, especially following a significant personal incident, such as an instance of sexual violence.  However, if a student is over the age of 18 the University will not contact parents, provided that there are no medical concerns or injuries that require parental notification.

Q.  If the perpetrator is not an EWU student can the University still help?

A.  EWU can assist in many ways even if the perpetrator is not a student.  We can assist in receiving appropriate medical care, assist with reporting to police and provide support resources.

Q.  What if I was intoxicated when I was assaulted?

A.  The use of alcohol and/or drugs does not make the complainant at fault for sexual violence.  Someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs cannot give consent.  Furthermore, no student should hesitate to report an instance of sexual assault for fear of getting in trouble for alcohol use.  At EWU we are concerned for the safety and well-being of all students and our first priority is to help students to receive necessary support.

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