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Options for Reporting Sexual Assault

It can be overwhelming to report a sexual assault and it is important for you to know you have options.  For the safety and security of our campus, EWU must investigate all claims of violence within the community, whether the survivor chooses to participate or not.

Option:  Participate in the EWU Conduct Code Process AND the Criminal Process

Option:  Participate in the EWU Conduct Code Process ONLY

Conduct Code Process

  • Fill out a Student Concern/Incident Report Form or
  • Report the assault by contacting EWU Police at 509.359.7676; EWU can assist in contacting the local Police Department.
  • The campus investigation and hearing process will be explained by Student Rights and Responsibilities (SRR).
  • EWU will initiate a campus investigation and you will be notified of the outcome.
  • EWU and SRR may issue sanctions to students involved.
  • A campus hearing will be facilitated by SRR (in the case of a student on student assault).
  • You will be notified of the outcome of a campus hearing reguardless of your level of participation.

Option:  Participate in the Criminal Process ONLY

Criminal Process

  • Report the assault by dialing 911. You can contat EWU Police 509.359.7676 and they can assist you.
  • You can request a Protection Order through Spokane County. 
  • Advocacy support and assistance can be provided through the Dean of Students Office by calling 509.359.7924. Consultation through Lutheran Community Service is available on campus and can be scheduled by calling Kerri Handley at 509.343.5057.
  • An investigation is conducted by the local police with possible assistance from EWU Police.
  • The completed investigation report is forwarded to the appropriate Prosecuting  Attorney's Office for possible prosecution.
  • Prosecution may occur in criminal court.

Option:  Choose to NOT participate in the EWU Conduct Code Process or the Criminal Process

Reporting an act of sexual violence can be confusing.  A survivor may be unsure if or when they would like to report and incident.  Talking with someone for support, or to discuss if and when to report an assault can be helpful.  Support/reporting options  include:

Private, non-confidential resources:

EWU Police (24/7) - 509.359.7676

EWU Student Support and Advocacy - 509.359.7924 - Showalter Hall 300

Title IX Coordinator - 509.359.6322

Confidential resources:

CAPS (counselors on campus) - 509.359.2366 - 225 MAR

Sexual Assault Crisis Line (24/7) - 509.624.7273

YWCA Domestic Violence Crisis Line (24/7) - 509.326.2255

First Call for Help - Suicidal (24/7) - 509.838.4428

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