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FAQ - Third Party Billing Services

Third Party Billing Services Frequently Asked Questions New!


Questions and Answers

What is Eastern Washington University's 3rd Party Billing Service?

  • The 3rd Party Billing Service enables an outside vendor or non-related entity to pay for student charges at EWU.

 Who is a 3rd Party?

  • A 3rd Party is any government agency, business, third party trust fund or other non-related entity that agrees to pay for all or part of a student's education expenses through a pre-authorization and invoicing process.  Only vendors requiring an invoice are considered a 3rd Party Vendor. 

What charges may be billed to a 3rd Party Vendor?

  • Typical charges include but are not limited to: tuition, student health fees, health and wellness fees, books and supplies, parking passes, housing and dining fees, administrative fees, technology fees, course fees, study abroad fees and placement exam fees.
  • Each 3rd Party Vendor has guidelines for what they will authorize. Students should check with their 3rd Party Vendor to find out which charges they will and will not allow.

What charges may NOT be billed to a 3rd Party Vendor?

  • Non-educational charges including, but not limited to, fines, parking infractions and short term loan repayments. Some 3rd Party Vendors may agree to pay some of these charges. Students should check with their 3rd Party Vendor to find out which charges they will allow.

What information should be included on the vendor authorization to EWU?

  • The authorization should state exactly what the vendor will be paying for, any excluded expenses and the time period covered.
  • The authorization must include the student’s full name, EWU student Net ID; the billing address of the vendor and the name and phone number of the contact person.

Where are authorizations submitted?

  • The vendor should mail, email, or fax the authorization to:

  Eastern Washington University
  Attn: Paula Henson
  Student Financial Services
  202 Sutton Hall
  Cheney, WA 99004
  Fax 509-359-4832  


Can a request for 3rd Party Billing be denied?

  • In most cases a request for 3rd Party Billing will be approved, however the request can be denied for various reasons which include, but are not limited to:
    • The vendor having restrictions that conflict with EWU billing processes.
    • The vendor having a history of slow pay or non-payment.

How is my 3rd Party Billing applied to my student account?

  • Once the authorization is turned into Student Financial Services, it can take up to two weeks before the 3rd party payment is applied to your student account balance.
  • The 3rd party payment is considered as a source of funding for financial aid and must be reflected on your financial aid award before it can be processed by Student Financial Services. We will take care of notifying financial aid and apply the 3rd party payment when processing is complete

What happens if the vendor does not pay all or part of the billed amount?

  • The student is ultimately responsible for all charges incurred at EWU. If the vendor does not pay an invoice as billed, EWU will notify the student and request assistance in contacting the vendor.
  • If the vendor refuses to pay, the unpaid charges will be transferred back to the student’s account. The student is then responsible for paying the charges as defined by the EWU billing system. Failure to pay these charges could delay future registration, limit access to academic transcripts and diploma and could ultimately result in the account being sent to collections if not paid in full.

Who should the vendor or student contact if they need additional information?

Third Party Billing Services
Paula Henson
Phone 509-359-6684
Fax 509-359-4832

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