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The New Member Process

What is pledging/the new member process like?

After accepting an invitation to join (a “bid”), many chapters will enter a period of time referred to as “pledging” or the new member process. This period of orientation is usually overseen by an officer, the new member educator and the initiated members. The pledging process is often a transformational experience filled with growth opportunities, leadership experiences and learning more about what it really means to be a fraternity man or sorority woman. It allows undergraduate members to not only get to know all about the organization they are joining and the women/men they have selected as sisters/brothers, but is provides greater insight into the network that ties all fraternity men and sorority women together.  

That said, not all chapters have a pledging period. Some chapters invite you to become a fully initiated member upon accepting an invitation to join. Other chapters may invite you to become an associate or new member, which includes many of the same privileges as initiated members. It is important for each student to take the time to ask about each chapter’s pledging period/new member process while going through recruitment.

Remember that while joining a sorority/fraternity is often one of the best decisions a student can make to get connected with the campus and have a support system, it is a big decision! Joining a sorority or fraternity is a lifelong commitment and once you are an initiated member of an organization, you will never be able to join another chapter.

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