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Financial Commitment

Bags of Money

As you might have expected, joining a sorority or fraternity is not only a commitment of one's time, there are also financial obligations associated with membership. The sorority and fraternity community at EWU understands that the costs associated with going to college and being in a sorority or fraternity are often a major concern to new students and parents, so chapters work hard to make the cost of joining a sorority or fraternity affordable. Living in a sorority or fraternity chapter house is comparable to living in University housing or living off campus. However, new members can expect the first year to be more costly than others due to one-time fees associated with new membership and initiation.


For DGC chapters, the total costs vary. Encourage your student to inquire about each organization’s specific fees.


For Interfraternity Council fraternities, one-time expenses typically include the new member and/or the initiation fee, badge and a building fund fee. Recurring expenses include: chapter dues, national fees, social fees and risk management insurance. For organizations with houses, room and board (if living in a chapter facility) may also apply.


For NPHC organizations, the expenses paid upon initiation may include the new member and/or initiation fee, pin fee, national, regional and local dues. The yearly expenses may include national, regional and local dues and risk management insurance.


For Panhellenic sororities the costs will differ based on which of the four housed groups a student joins. Costs are higher during the first semester of membership and typically include the new member and/or the initiation fee, badge and a building fund fee.

General Information

We encourage students to ask questions during recruitment regarding your financial obligation to the chapter. Detailed financial information will be provided to all students going through Fall Formal Recruitment and we are currently working on updating this portion of our website to include average costs for being a member in a chapter and living in a chapter facility.

Take a look at the 2016 Recruitment Guide for a breakdown of chapter costs. 

We believe that one's financial commitment is modest in comparison to the innumerable benefits you will receive as a member of a sorority or fraternity and encourage you to think of it as an investment in your future and overall development in college.

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