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Eagle Attributes

These characteristics define what it means to be an Eastern Eagle.

Strength: 1st Year
Definition: At Eastern Washington University, we believe building strength in multiple dimensions of our lives helps create a foundation of excellence from which to learn, grow, excel, and achieve. We empower our first-year students to boldly embrace opportunities that develop their resiliency, inspire creative exploration, stretch their capacity for ambiguity and change, and nurture well-being. Strengthening ourselves as individuals helps strengthen our collective Eagle community.

Intelligence: 2nd Year
Definition: We believe the foundation to intellectual growth is rooted in the proactive development of one's ability to problem solve, think critically, and be culturally competent. By consciously taking on the role of an engaged learner, we strengthen our sense of self and purpose, which helps further our academic and co-curricular pursuits.

Vision: 3rd Year
Definition: Our students have unique aspirations for who they want to be in the world. At Eastern, we provide students resources and opportunities to envision and prepare for their lives beyond the Eagle community.

Flight: 4th Year
Definition: We at Eastern help students honor and reflect upon their educational journey as they prepare to be good stewards of the university and the communities with which they will connect, build, and lead. Grounded in their individual strengths, talents, and values, our students graduate with a commitment to excelling beyond our Eagle community. 

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