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Interim Relocations

The following table includes all university departments/student services in the PUB and their current interim locations.  (Relocations are subject to change based on construction needs and will be updated below to show the most current information.)

Aladdin's Egyptian Food TAW 129
ASEWU SUT, 1st floor east


Closed during construction


LAH, 1st floor
Cyber Café Closed during construction
Dean of Students SHW 300
Eagle Entertainment SUT, 1st floor east
Eagle Espresso SHW, 1st floor lounge
Eagle Express Market TAW, 1st floor
Eagle Sound SUT, 1st floor east 
Freshëns Closed during construction
New Student Transitions and Parent Programs SHW 300
PUB Computer Lab JFK
PUB Info Desk SHW 300
Rendezvous Room Closed during construction
SAIL (Student Activities) SUT, 1st floor east
Student clubs and organizations* SUT, 1st floor east
Student Life suite SHW 300
Student Rights and Responsibilities SHW 300
Student Support and Advocacy SHW 300
Swoop's Closed during construction
Thomas Hammer Coffee JFK

*Individual student club and organization spaces will be closed during construction.

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