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 2012 NWCCU Year Three Report

 The Year Three Self-evaluation Report addresses two NWCCU standards:

  • Standard One: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations
  • Standard Two: Resources and Capacity

2013 Response to Recommendation One of the Spring 2012 Year Three Resources and Capacity Peer-Evaluation Report

NWCCU Response to the Spring 2012 Year Three Report:

"Eastern Washington University has made significant progress in defining mission fulfillment.  Each of its institutional indicators now has a benchmark.  However, mission fulfillment is defined in terms of fulfillment of objectives.  The peer evaluation committee is uncertain precisely how the institution proposes to use the achievement or non-achievement of benchmarks for indicators to determine the ratings of objectives.  The committee recommends that EWU further clarify how performance on indicators determines mission fulfillment.  The committee is also concerned that the weighting of each objective equally does not necessarily reflect the purpose and mission of the institution,.  The committee recommends that EWU consider how, or to what degree, each of the objectives relates to institutional purpose."

NWCCU Year Three Report Exhibit Links

List of Exhibits for Year Three Report in Hard Copy

 Standard One
Standard Two

-Standards 2.A.1 through 2.A.11

-Standard 2.A.12

-Standards 2.C.12 through 2.C.15

-Standard 2.D Student Support Resources

-Standard 2.G.5

NWCCU Year One Report, 2011

NWCCU Year One Self-Evaluation Report, 2011

NWCCU Accreditation Site Visit Documentation, 2006

NWCCU Workshop Presentation on Institutional Self Study
Northwest Regional Accreditation: Principles, Practices, and Product: Powerpoint presentation to the Steering Committee by Ronald Baker, Deputy Executive Director, NWCCU, Spring 2004

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