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Additional Accreditation Planning Documentation

Riverpoint Campus Comprehensive Academic Strategic Plan 2007-2012

Executive Summary
Comprehensive Academic Plan

Resource Allocation Task Force Final Report, May 21, 2008

Strategic Plan Documents

A Commitment to Action: 2004 Report on the Learning Environment
Ideas to Action: Implementing Eastern Washington University's Academic Strategic Plan: A 2004 - 05 
Expanding Our Horizons: Advancing Eastern Washington University's Academic Vision. University Strategic
Performance Agreement 
OIT Strategic Plan to support teaching with technology

Reports for all awarded Strategic Planning Grants

Charge to the Strategic Planning Council
2008-09 Strategic Planning Grants
2007-08 Strategic Planning Grants
2006-07 Strategic Planning Grants
2005-06 Strategic Planning Grants

Biennium Budget Strategic Plans for 2007-09 and 2009-11

2009-11 Strategic Plan
2007-09 Strategic Plan
Biennial Operating Budget Overview
WaTEP Budget Provisions
Eastern Advantage Program
High Demand Enrollment
Regional Initiatives in Dental Education (RIDE)

Washington TRiO Expansion Program (WaTEP) Report and Statistics

WaTEP 2007-08 Annual Report
WaTEP Statistics Winter 2009
WaTEP Statistics Fall 2008

2009 University Assessment Plan

University Assessment Plan

Student Learning Outcomes (SLO)

SLO Posting Audit for 2008-09 Catalog
Student Learning Outcomes by College and Department posted in 2008-09 catalog

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

NSSE 08 Executive Snapshot
NSSE 08 Benchmark Comparisons Report
NSSE 07 Executive Snapshot

NSSE 07 Benchmark Comparisons Report

Other Student Survey Reports

Survey of Student Opinions (SSO)
BCSSE 2008 Institutional Report
Undergraduate Student Scheduling Survey
Enrollment Management Team (EMT) 2008 Retention Survey

Consortium for Student Retention Data Exchange (CSRDE) and reports

2009 CSRDE Retention Report, First-time Full-time students
2007-08 CSRDE Retention Report, STEM majors starting
2007-08 CSRDE Retention Report, STEM majors remaining 2007-08 CSRED Retention Report, Transfer Students

Collegiate Assessment of Academic Proficiency (CAAP) tests on writing and critical thinking

2008 CAAP Summary
2008 CAAP Institutional Report, Seniors
2008 CAAP Institutiional Report, Freshmen

Advising Data

College of Arts and Letters ACT survey of academic advising: Summary Report
General Undergraduate Academic Advising: academic planner
General Undergraduate Academic Advising: academic performance agreement


SOAR General Education Example Report 
SOAR Transfer Evaluation Example Report

SOAR Test Scores Example Report
SOAR Audit Descriptions
SOAR Degree Audit Totals, March 09

Other Documentation

Sample of "gateway course" report for Deans
Current EWU Catalog (CD available in resource room)
2006-09 Collective Bargaining Agreement (outdated)

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