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University (NWCCU) Accreditation


Welcome to the Eastern Washington University Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) Accreditation website. Eastern Washington University receives regional accreditation through the NWCCU. In order to maintain accreditation, the university is required to undergo a self-study process and host a site visit by an accreditation team. The last site visit for Eastern Washington University was in the spring of 2015. See NWCCU's confirmation of EWU's continuous accreditation status here:

The accreditation process is an opportunity for the university community to reflect upon its strengths and weaknesses. Further, the process offers a historical perspective of the university with insights into what the university has accomplished as well as future directions to consider.

From May 4 - 6, 2015, accreditors from the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU) conducted a year seven site evaluation visit to EWU. The Commission made four recommendations based on the evaluation team's visit. These recommendations are significantly assisting the institution to align its priorities and ensure that work in every area supports our mission and vision for student success.

The evaluation committee recommends that Eastern Washington University do the following:

  1. seek formal approval of its mission statement by its governing board (Standard 1.A.1);
  2. clarify core themes so that they individually manifest essential elements of it mission and collectively encompass its mission (Standard 1.B.1).
  3. engage in regular, systematic participatory, self-reflective, and evidence-based assessment of its accomplishments, and that it documents through an effective, regular, and comprehensive system of assessment of student achievement, that students who complete its educational courses, programs, and degrees, wherever offered and however delivered, achieve identified course, program, and degree learning outcomes (Standards 4.A.3 and 5.A.1); and
  4. ensure core theme assessments and results of assessments of programs and services are: a) based on meaningful institutionally identified indicators of achievement; b) used for improvement by forming planning, decision making and allocation of resources and capacity; and c) made available to appropriate constituencies in a timely manner (Standard 4.B.1).

The year one report contains EWU's response to each of these recommendations, which deal with mission, core themes and their respective objectives, indicators of achievement and the rationale for each indicator.

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