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EWU Police Department
820 Washington
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.4021
fax: 509.359.6054

Code Blue Stations

There are code blue stations located near key locations around the campus. For their locations check the Web site map at:

These stations are for your protection, and used to summons help or report crimes. In addition, three of the code blue stations have on campus calling capabilities to contact or request an escort. If you activate a code blue unit you need to remain at the station and give the operator the necessary information to get a response. The telephone equipment may take 15-20 seconds to process the call before the operator answers, so please stay on the line. Stay at the unit until help arrives, if possible. If you leave the area before talking to the operator it will delay the response by the officer, thus increasing the time for help to arrive. The station is equipped with a light that readily identifies your location. Upon activation you are connected with the operator, who will send help and then may ask for additional information from you to assist in the officer's response. Remain as calm as possible, relate the information by talking into the speaker and follow instructions given by the operator. Help will arrive as soon a possible. False reporting or activation of a code blue station is a crime and will be handled accordingly.

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