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EWU Police Department
820 Washington
Cheney, WA 99004
phone: 509.359.4021
fax: 509.359.6054

Hazardous Materials

If a chemical spill occurs:

  • If toxic chemicals come in contact with your skin, immediately flush the affected area with clean water for 15 minutes.  Use chemical showers and/or eye wash stations, if available. 
  • Have someone call 911 if you cannot do so yourself.
  • If there is any possible danger, evacuate the area.
  • Notify your supervisor of the extent and location of the spill
  • Notify Environmental Health and Safety at 509-359-6496.

If an airborne release occurs:

  • Immediately evacuate the area
  • Call 911
  • Describe the substance and the amount released, if possible
  • Do not re-enter a contaminated area until cleared to do so by competent authority
  • Notify Environmental Health and Safety at 509-359-6496.

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