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Assisting At-Risk Individuals

  1. People who are considered at-risk during an emergency situation include anyone with any condition, temporary or permanent, including sight, hearing or mobility, that may hinder them from recognizing or responding to an alarm or other directions that may be given, or who are not able to evacuate quickly without assistance by means of the stairwells.  This may also include persons who do not understand English sufficiently to respond to verbal or written directions.
  2. Faculty and supervisory staff who work with at-risk individuals should meet with them to discuss procedures in case of fire or other emergency. It is important to recognize that those with disabilities know their limitations and abilities better than anyone else. As such, they may already know what is needed to safely evacuate them from an area during an emergency.
  3. Evacuation of at-risk individuals who are otherwise ambulatory, such as the sight or hearing impaired, should take place normally with other building occupants. These people can benefit from an escort, or buddy system, and should be provided one from within the class or work area.
  4. People who are dependent upon equipment for their mobility, such as wheelchairs or crutches, should not use elevators unless directed to do so by the fire department or other emergency personnel.  If stairs cannot be used, these individuals must either be transported out of the building by other means or be protected in place awaiting arrival of the fire department. Manual techniques for lifting and/or carrying a person require training and proper application and should not be attempted by the untrained.
  5. Individuals that cannot be safely evacuated from the building should proceed to the nearest safe stairwell in the building with a prearranged escort and remain on the landing near the door with the escort. The exact location of all at-risk individuals must be relayed without delay to the Incident Commander or to other responding emergency personnel.

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