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Preparing Content for MarCom

Photographs and scans

The MarCom staff can help you select photographs appropriate for your publication or advise you on what photos need to be taken.

  • MarCom does not have a full-time photographer; therefore, it is important that photo shoots are arranged well in advance.
  • If you are submitting photographs, we prefer color slides, color prints or black and white prints.

Guidelines for supplying artwork

Xerox Jobs (b/w or color)

  • Jpegs, tiffs, eps and illustrator files are all fine – (150 dpi – 300 dpi is sufficient)
  • Providing photo prints, negatives or transparencies is fine

Print Jobs (high quality or large quantities)

  • Images should be in jpeg, eps or tif format at 300 dpi.
  • Please provide images independent of the file - do not embed images into the document.
  • Photoshop files should be saved as .psd. Flattened images cannot be adjusted.
  • Please provide original photos as print, negative or transparency. We can do high resolution scanning in-house.
  • If you are providing photos digitally, please do not make corrections - simply provide the files as a tif or jpg, 300 dpi.
  • If you take photos on a digital camera, please be sure to take photos in the highest resolution possible. Digital photos must be 150-300 dpi to be print-ready.

Hard and Print Copies

Please submit your content in hard copy as well as an electronic file. The electronic file may be submitted on disk or by e-mail. Your hard copy should be double-spaced and formatted to indicate indents, heads, subheads, boldface, italics, etc. Your electronic file should be clean of all formatting.
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