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Logos & Standards

Grammar and Usage

Marketing & Communications (MarCom) oversees grammatical standards for all materials, print and online, that emanate from Eastern Washington University to its various audiences. While there may be more than one "right" way to write a sentence, it is important to conform to one style to establish desired consistency.

Identity Standards

The identity standards guide is your resource for everyday usage of: official logos; tagline; graphical elements; school colors; color palette; typography; and other elements.

Official Logos

EWU's official logo has been updated to feature the tagline, start something big. Please replace previous versions of the logo in all applications and use one of the updated versions found below. If you do not feel these logo versions are appropriate for a specific use, please contact Marketing & Communications at 509.359.6336 or

Friends, partners and/or vendors of the university must receive permission to use the official logo by contacting Marketing & Communications at 509.359.6336.

  • Note: This page can be quickly referenced at, and includes revised identity standards, stationery and templates for the university.
Vertical Logo

Logo (vertical)

Red and Black: JPEG (web) | TIFF (print)
Black: JPEG (web) | TIFF (print)
JPEG - 864x720 pixels, 72dpi
TIFF - 12x10", 300dpi

Horizontal Logo

Logo (horizontal)

Red and Black: JPEG (web) | TIFF (print)
Black: JPEG (web) | TIFF (print)
JPEG - 864x288 pixels, 72dpi
TIFF - 12x4", 300dpi

Ultrahorizontal Logo

Logo (ultrahorizontal)

Red and Black:JPEG (web) | TIFF (print)
Black: JPEG (web) | TIFF (print)
JPEG - 1400x216 pixels, 72dpi
TIFF - 20.5x3.5", 300dpi

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