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Adobe Software

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud is the new version of professional creative software from Adobe.
Continue reading below to determine how to get your copy of Adobe Creative Cloud.

The Adobe Creative Cloud suite includes:

Adobe CC

Acrobat Pro

Adobe CC Flash Pro Adobe CC Muse
Adobe CC After Effects Adobe CC Illustrator Adobe CC Photoshop
Adobe CC Audition Adobe CC InCopy Adobe CC Prelude
Adobe CC Bridge Adobe CC InDesign Adobe CC Premiere Pro
Adobe CC Dreamweaver Adobe CC Lightroom Adobe CC Scout and Flash Builder Premium
Adobe CC Edge Animate Adobe CC Media Encoder Adobe CC SpeedGrade

How to Request Adobe software:

For your EWU-owned work computer

Contact the Help Desk at to create a ticket. Once logged in, choose:
~Customer Requests > I need Microsoft/Adobe Software for my EWU-Owned Work Computer.

Adobe software for Home use

1. Before requesting this software, I understand and agree to the following:

  • I may only install this product on a computer that I own and on which I am the exclusive or primary user.
  • I may not give, loan, rent or sell this product or my assigned Adobe ID to anyone.
  • I may only use this software while I am employed as a current faculty, staff, graduate assistant, or student employee at Eastern Washington University.
  • Based on my preference, specific, or all, applications associated with EWU’s license can be installed.
  • Upon my separation from Eastern Washington University, I must completely remove/uninstall this product from my computer.

2. Install and License

Current EWU faculty, staff, graduate assistants, and student employees (upon employment verification) are limited to a free, single installation of Adobe CCApps.
Each product includes one license, with the right to install the product on one personal computer.

Home Use software licensing is NOT for, nor can it be installed on, campus-owned EWU-tagged computers.

Contact the Help Desk at to create a ticket. Once logged in, choose:
~Customer Requests > I want Adobe Software for my Home Computer (EWU Employee).

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