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TechFee Information

The Program:

The Student Technology Fee (STF) increases the availability of technology resources exclusively for general student use. General use is defined as a technology that may be directly used by any student. Not only does the student benefit from its presence, but they also benefit from its direct use.

The Committee:

The Student Technology Fee Committee requests proposals, evaluates proposals and makes awards that must be approved by the student government as well as the Board of Trustees. A student chairs the committee, and the committee has a student majority of five students to four faculty/staff positions.

The Fee:

The fee costs $35 a quarter, is mandatory and included with tuition. For part-time students, the fee is prorated at $3.50 a credit up to 10 credits. The fee raises about $950,000 per school year of which 3.5% is contributed to financial aid.

Use EWU Technology Responsibly:  EWU Student Conduct Code / Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities

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