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Computer Lab & Studio In-House Policies

Policies and Procedures

PUB Recording Studio Policies

  • Sign up form at the front desk is first come/ first serve.
  • The signup form is posted on a weekly basis at 7:00am Monday morning.
  • Detailed policies are listed on the sign-up sheet (length of reservations, how many reservations per week are allowed, etc)

PUB Lab front desk LCD Policies

  • Used for display of Student Works.
  • Contact Carl, if you would like to add your project.

Lab Printing Services Policy

Purpose: This policy prescribes university standards for authorized use of and associated charges for large media print production in the MARS and Pub Labs.

Applicability: This policy pertains to faculty, staff, students and other members of the university community.

Chapter 1

1-1. General

Lab printing services exist primarily to support students, staff, and faculty with print production needs directly related to academic course work and official Student Life activities.

Lab printing services are not designed for or intended to be used for production printing.

The intent of this policy is to keep this resource available to support academic needs and student life activities first and to ensure that other uses, when permitted, are charged rates commensurate with EWU Printing Services or other commercial activities.

1-2. Subsidized Use
Materials that are directly related to academics or student life activities may be printed using Lab equipment and services, at a discounted rate, subject to the following restrictions:

a. Subsidized Rates for Faculty Members. To qualify for discounted printing rates, the requested job must:
(1) be directly related to the curriculum of a state-supported course, offered by which the faculty member instructs; and
(2) be for the benefit of students attending the course; and
(3) be used in the classroom or made otherwise available for student use; and
(4) be limited to twenty (3) or fewer prints.
b. Subsidized Rates for Students. Student projects are entitled to discounted printing rates if their project:
(1) is directly related to the curriculum of any EWU academic course in which the student is enrolled (including self-support courses); and
(2) is produced in response to assigned coursework and will be presented in the classroom or submitted to the instructor in partial fulfillment of course requirements; and
(3) is for no more than three (3) prints.
c. Subsidized Rates for Student Life activities. Activities related to Student Life are eligible for discounted printing rates if:
(1) the related activity has been coordinated with and is officially sanctioned by the EWU Office of Student Life; and
(2) the related activity is directly affiliated with the University and that affiliation is clearly evident in each print produced; and
(3) any fees or other proceeds produced from the related activity will be returned to the EWU Office of Student Life to be distributed appropriately and in accordance with state laws and university policy; and
(4) the print request is for ten (3) or fewer prints;

1-3. Non-Subsidized Use

a. Authorized users: All persons, activities and organizations that are part of the university community may use Lab printing services.
b. Persons, organizations, and activities that are not eligible for discounted printing under section 1-2 may still use Lab printing services but are subject to different rates and print limitations as described in this section. Examples of such persons, organizations, and/or activities include:
(1) Self-Support Academic Courses
(2) Administrative departments
(3) Support services
(4) Auxiliaries
(5) Student organizations,
(6) Fraternities & sororities,
(7) Grants & Research activities
c. Rates: All print requests that do not qualify for discounts under section 1-2 will be charged printing rates that are commensurate with rates charged by EWU Printing Services and local vendors.
d. Print Limits for Self Support Programs: Up to five (5) prints may be made of materials for self-support courses if:
(1) the material is directly related to the curriculum of an EWU academic course; and
(2) the material is for the benefit of students attending the course; and
(3) the material will be used in the classroom or made otherwise available for student use.
e. University and student organizations or units, including, but not limited to, those listed under section 1-3a(2) through 1.3a(7) above, may make two (2) prints.
f. Prints for personal use or any other use not already covered are limited to one (1) print.
g. Individuals or organizations that require printing services beyond those authorized here should contact EWU Printing Services or a commercial business.

    1-4. Prohibited Use

      No Lab equipment shall be used to create, edit, produce, print or otherwise develop any material or multi-media product that is related to a private business, political, or other activity prohibited under RCW 42.52, Ethics in Public Service.

      1-5. Printing Rates

      Current rates for printing services shall be prominently displayed in the Lab and shall be available on the Lab web site.

      Student Conduct Code (Chapter 172-121 WAC)

      Campus Wide Print Pricing

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