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OneID Project

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What's the OneID project?

The OneID project is a long-term strategy to simplify the ways that students, staff and faculty access EWU services. Over the last five years, EWU has implemented single sign-on (SSO) for nearly all campus information systems.

In spring 2015 EWU began a process to reduce the number of IDs that students use when conducting business with the university.

After consultation with dozens of stakeholders across campus, EWU decided to use NetID as the primary student ID.

How does this affect me?

EWU will only use NetID when communicating with students beginning March 31, 2016. Incoming students will no longer know their EWUID, so business processes that involve students will have to be updated to use NetID.

How do I find out more information?

EWU is hosting information sessions on these dates:

  • Friday, March 11, 2-3 p.m. in Huston 207
  • Thursday, March 17, 9-10 a.m. in Huston 102F
  • Friday, March 18, 1-2 p.m. in Huston 207

What's a NetID?

NetID is an ID that uses a combination of letters and numbers to identify students, faculty and staff. Here's an example: mrswoop10

EWUID is an eight-digit ID that only uses numbers. Here's an example: 00123456

Is the EWUID going away?

No. EWUID can still be used in all your internal business processes and in systems that students do not need to access. You can also use it with alumni or students who only know their EWUID.

Systems like Banner will still allow you to search for students by EWUID, but asking for NetID is the first and best option when working with students, especially since future students may not know their EWUID.

What are the big changes for faculty and staff?

  1. When faculty and staff work with students, we won't ask for EWUID. Instead we'll ask for NetID.
  2. NetID will replace EWUID on many documents such as transcripts, forms and bills.
  3. Faculty will need to use NetID for student grade reports.

Will faculty and staff need to know their NetID?

For right now, the answer is no. That said, all EWU technology services will eventually use NetID for login and access credentials. This includes all faculty and staff services.

What are the big changes for students?

  1. Students will no longer receive two IDs when they are admitted. They will only receive their NetID.
  2. Future student ID cards will include the student's NetID instead of their EWUID.
  3. A newly admitted student's email will match their NetID. In a few cases, a student's NetID and email may differ, but this will be uncommon.
  4. All student-facing technology services—SSO creation, library accounts, etc.—will use NetID.
  5. New authentication processes will be used to verify student identity.

What are the big changes for alumni and community members?

None, initially. In the future, NetID will be the primary way to communicate with all EWU stakeholders.

Are there other changes?

Yes, but most are “behind the scenes,” which means students shouldn't notice them. Examples include the ability to search for a student using either EWUID or NetID in Banner.

Is the university issuing new ID cards to existing students, faculty and staff?

No. Only new or replacement ID cards will have the NetID information.

What can I do to help?

First, update your website so that it no longer references EWUID.

Next, make sure your paper forms and online forms are updated to use NetID instead of EWUID. This might be a good time to create digital versions of your forms, too. To make use of EWU's digital form solutions, contact the Help Desk at or

Finally, talk to your staff and coworkers about the change.

Who should I contact with questions?

Contact the Help Desk at or The Help Desk has been trained to help you find answers to questions about the transition.

I teach classes and use EWUID for grading. What should I do?

Students will not know their EWUID. When you have students write their ID on the top of an assignment, ask them to use their NetID instead of their EWUID.

It's important to note that staff and faculty should never publically post grades or student reports using EWUID or NetID, even if the report only uses partial IDs. Posting any ID information in a public space is a violation of FERPA.

Does the change affect EagleNet?

Yes. The EagleNet homepage will be updated so that links lead to SSO sign-in pages. If you love EagleNet too much to let it go, you can always navigate to directly and use your EWUID and password to log in.

You're encouraged to use the myEWU Portal to complete online and business transactions.

Have students been involved?

Yes. ASEWU has provided representation and feedback at key meetings in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. In 2014 ASEWU voted to change the way that emails were assigned to students. ASEWU representatives also asked that NetID be used as the primary student ID.

When do the changes begin?

March 31, 2016.

Is it common for universities to have just one ID?

Most higher education institutions use just one ID for students.

I found a system that still uses EWUID. What do I do?

Contact the Help Desk at or to let IT know.

I need to search for a student record. Can I search by NetID?

Yes. Systems should allow you to search by both NetID and EWUID. If you have difficultty, contact the Help Desk at or and they can help walk you through the process.

Is there a NetID hashtag?

No. That is a #ridiculousquestion, but it's definitely fun.

Who's in charge of this project?

Greg Crary in Information Technology and Neil Woolf in Enrollment Management.

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