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Information Technology Division
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Information Security Awareness, Training & Education (iSATE)

What is security awareness training? 

Both Awareness and Training are perhaps the most significant elements in an information security program.  By definition, security awareness training is a formal process for educating employees about state, regulatory, and organizational policies, procedures, and the inherent risks for working with information technology.

How do I get started?

To get started with the training, please visit: The training course will be in your 'Course' drop-down menu.

If this is your first time using Canvas, please use the following resources to get you started:  EWU Student Guide or Canvas Guides.  

If your preference is to attend a classroom lab, please register for the SAT101 course at: During scheduled open lab times, a professional staff member will be available to assist with the course content. 

Why does EWU need security awareness training and who will participate? 

A security awareness and training program is designed to help mitigate the risk of losing intellectual property, institutional data, and processing resources.  For the program to be effective, this responsibility must be shared amongst each employee at EWU.  As a systems and data user and to remain in compliance with EWU Policy 203-01 and Washington State Office of Chief Information Officer (OCIO) Policy and Standard 141.10, all employees will receive annual security awareness training.  So, in coordination with EWU's Data Management Committee (DMC), Information Technology identified curriculum requirements, measurement, and the framework for iSATE "Go-Live" 

iSATE Objectives:

  • Employees recognize their responsibility for protecting the University's information and technology assets
  • Employees understand the value of information security
  • Employees recognize potential violations and understand how and who to contact
  • The overall level of security awareness among employees increases and remains high

What's Next and how will it work?

Three courses have been developed in Canvas, EWU's Learning Management System.  Each course has been developed for a specific audience:  Information Technology Staff, EWU Employees, & Employee's having access to systems housing sensitive information such as FERPA, PCI, and/or HIPAA. 


  • New Employees:  Orientation
  • Current Employees:  Annually


  • EWU faculty and staff (general)
  • Information Technology staff
  • Employees with access to sensitive information

Frequently Asked Questions About the Training:

  1. Who developed the curriculum? 
    Answer:  The University partnered with the SANS organization and purchased a product, "SANS Securing the Human" training curriculum, which is also being used in hundred's of colleges and universities globally.

  2. How am I being measured and do I have to achieve a minimum score? 
    Answer:  As the intent of the program is to encourage and promote a greater level of awareness, the focus is to promote the learning objectives.  As a result, there is a quiz to at the end of each module to reinforce the content, but a minimum passing score has not been established.  

  3. What topics will be covered in the training?  
    Answer:  The training consists several specific modules, some of which cover social engineering, passwords, physical and mobile security, email, Internet use, and sensitive data handling

  4. When can I take the training and how long will it take? 
    Answer:  You can begin your iSATE journey beginning November 13.  The training needs to be completed by January 15th, 2016 and will take in total about 60 minutes. 

  5. Is the training mandatory?
    Answer:  Yes; all EWU employees are required to take this training annually.  

Additional Information:

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