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Supervisor Job Description


Per RCW 41.80.005(13): "Supervisor" means an employee who has authority, in the interest of the employer, to hire, transfer, suspend, lay off, recall, promote, discharge, direct, reward or discipline employees, or to adjust employee grievances, or effectively to recommend such action, if the exercise of the authority is not of a merely routine nature but requires the consistent exercise of individual judgment.  However, no employee who is a member of the Washington Management Service may be included in a collective bargaining unit established under this section.

Duties:  As a representative of management, support the University mission, vision, strategic plan, and goals and management decisions; establish unit/program/department mission and goals.

  • Interpret and ensure self and subordinate employees are in compliance with university and department policies, union agreements, and laws;

  • Provide leadership and manage the unit/program/department; make decisions; solve problems; develop unit procedures; develop records/files; conduct meetings; represent unit/department/program at internal and external meetings;

  • Manage the employee hiring process; develop or update job descriptions; develop performance expectations, identify essential functions and knowledge, skills and abilities required; respond to questions pertaining to the need for background checks; assign work shifts; complete position requisition forms; form selection committees, if applicable, and ensure compliance with university processes for interview and selection of employees;
  • Manage employees and team performance; provide new employee orientation; train or provide adequate training for employees; coach, counsel and motivate employees; evaluate employees; investigate complaints or performance concerns; implement disciplinary action as needed and in consultation with appointment authority and Human Resources;
  • Manage and ensure effective employee/labor relations; create an ethical, non-discriminatory and safe work environment; establish effective communication lines/methods; identify and solve employee problems; manage conflict, respond to grievances;
  • Accept resignations; initiate terminations; process layoff actions;
  • Approve leave and overtime; complete or review and sign time sheets;
  • If applicable, establish and manage a budget; approve expenditures; initiate and sign appropriate paperwork.

Supervisor Performance Expectations:

Supervisors must perform the duties as outlined in the supervisor job description in addition to their regular work assignments, which comply with the union agreements, university policies, and laws to create a cooperative, safe, respectful and quality work environment.

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