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FAQs About Retiring With PERS

Please contact the Benefits Office at 509.359.2488 with questions or concerns not addressed here.

When can I retire?

Your eligibility to retire from active service depends upon which PERS plan you are a member.

-any age w/30 yrs service
-age 55 or older w/25 yrs
-age 60 or older w/5 yrs

-age 65 or older w/5 yrs
-age 55 or older w/20 yrs. - actuarially reduced if under age 65 (approximately 3% for every year under age 65)

-age 65 or older and have at least 10 service credit years; or
-age 65 or older and have five service credit years, including 12 service credit months that were earned after age 54; or
-age 65 or older and have five service credit years that were earned under Plan 2 and transferred to PERS 3 before June 1, 2003.

You may retire with a reduced benefit if you are at least age 55 and have:
-at least 10 years of service credit (your benefit will be "actuarially reduced") or
-30 or more service credit years (your benefit will be reduced by 3% per year for each year before age 65).

Where do I start?

Usually the process begins with your department and/or the Benefits Office. The Benefits Office can request an estimate from DRS as well as the packet with the forms. Remember, early planning is ideal and is not a commitment that you are retiring.

When should I retire?

Only you can decide that question. Usually people have a "milepost" goal-completing a full year of service credit, hitting a particular age, completing a full calendar year, etc. Your retirement date is always effective on the first day of the month!

How will I know what my retirement benefit will be?

The PERS plans have a set formula: 2% x years of service x AFC (average final compensation) 12 months. Dept. of Retirement has online estimators that are helpful. You can find them at

Is there a certain time frame to follow?

A year's lead-time is a good guideline. This allows your department time to address scheduling issues, salary issues, budgeting, etc.

Are there forms to complete?

Yes. When you have made the decision to retire, the Benefits Office will provide the "official" declaration of retirement that is distributed to Human Resources, Payroll, & your dept. You will have forms for Social Security (if you begin receiving a benefit).

Can I continue my medical/dental benefits when I retire?

Yes. You will receive a retiree packet with current medical/dental rates & forms from the Benefits Office.

Thinking about working after you retire?

Be aware of the rules of your plan prior to returning to work for any state agency. Click here for more information regarding the rules of your plan.
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