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Tracking Student Hourly Employees

To ensure compliance with WAC regulations, student employees cannot work more than a total of 69 hours per month in ALL University employment.


6 and 10 Credit Clarification
A temporary employee carrying 6 undergraduate credit hours (or 5 graduate credit hours) or more is considered a student and is exempt from social security taxes. If a student is enrolled full time (10 credits or more) s/he is exempt from both retirement participation and social security taxes.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will have a monetary impact to your budget, as well as to the students.


Three Things to Track For Each Student Employee:

516 Hour Tracking: Students enrolled at Eastern and working on campus may not exceed 516 hours in a 6 consecutive month period. This averages to 19 hours per week, exclusive of hours worked on established academic breaks. Positions which do not carry a limit on hours, except as imposed by law or by the supervisor, are as follows:

  • Positions, earning credit or not, which relate directly to the student's major field of study and which provide training. This must be documented at time of hire.
  • An elected or appointed position of the ASEWU or recognized student organization, including the Easterner staff.
  • A documented and approved programmed internship which consists of an academic component and work experience.
  • Students employed through the state or federal work study programs.


Retirement Eligibility Tracking: Only full-time students (10 credits or more) are exempted from PERS membership. At the time of employment students receive a copy of the WAC and a Statement of Personal Ineligibility for Membership in the Washington Public Employees Retirement System to sign. If the employee is participating in PERS at the time they become a student, they need to contact the Benefits Office to get the proper exemption. They do have the option to continue to participate in PERS retirement. Contact the Benefits Office at 509.359.2488 if you have questions.

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