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FAQs in the Event of a Layoff

What happens to my benefits?

Coverage for medical, dental, life & LTD insurance will end at the end of the month in which you are in pay status at the University. Example: If your last day at work is July 6th, your coverage will end July 31st.

Can I continue my coverage?

Yes. Everyone has COBRA rights, which enables you to continue your employer-provided coverage on a self-pay basis. This applies to your medical, dental, and life insurance, in any combination. You can continue coverage for up to 29 months.


If you work at least 8 hours per month at EWU, your benefits will continue through the University.

Contact the Benefits Office (509.359.2488) for rate information or online at

What about my other optional insurance coverages?

Your life insurance coverage will terminate at the end of the month in which your paid EWU employment ends. You can convert your term life insurance to a whole life policy, but not the AD&D. You do have an alternative, which enables you to self-pay your life insurance during the layoff period (up to 29 months). You pay the same rates as you currently do through payroll deduction. You will also have to pay for the basic life portion currently provided by the University.

If you do not self-pay life insurance and return to employment at EWU, you will have to reapply for the coverage and provide "evidence of insurability".

Long term disability insurance cannot be self-paid during layoff. However, it can be reinstated on your return to employment.

What about my flexible spending (FSA) & dependent care accounts (DCAP)?

Your flexible spending account ends at the end of the month in which you received your last paycheck (the 10th or 25th of the month). Claims for services up to the end of that month will be honored. You may arrange to continue your FSA after layoff through the end of the calendar year by special arrangement directly with the vendor, ASI. Contact ASI at 1.800.659.3035.

DCAP may not be continued after layoff. Only bills for services incurred prior to your layoff date can be submitted for reimbursement.

Can I withdraw my retirement contributions?

IRS rules require the complete termination of all EWU employment before an employer can allow access to these funds. Review your retirement plan rules and determine what employment restrictions apply and what taxes and penalties may apply if you withdraw the funds. For Washington State Deferred Compensation Program, please contact them directly.
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