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Self-Pay Insurance While On Leave


You are eligible to self-pay your medical, dental & life insurance, and in some cases long term disability (LTD) if you are on approved leave from an otherwise eligible position.

What Insurances May I Continue via Self-pay?

You may continue:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Life
  • LTD - if you are on an approved educational leave.
How Long May I Continue Insurance on Self-Pay?

You may continue on self-pay:

  • while on an approved leave of absence, but in no case longer than 29 months;
  • during the period of layoff or re-employment rights as defined by the personnel rules or labor contract covering your position; or
  • if there are no re-employment rights for your position (i.e. faculty and professional staff) but your employment ended due to lack of work or lack of funds, then you will have up to 24 months of self-pay layoff status.

If a leave is fully or partially covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), some coverages may not require self-pay. Faculty may contact Academic Personnel and Classified Staff may contact Human Resources. Contact the Benefits Office for information about how your personal benefits will be impacted by FMLA.

Do I have to Self-Pay for All My Insurances?

No. You may choose which if any of the coverages you wish to self-pay. However if you do not self-pay, the life and LTD insurances may not be automatically reinstated on your return to the payroll, and may require proof of good health. LTD cannot be self-paid unless you are on an approved educational leave.

What Happens If I Don't Self-Pay?

If you do not self-pay while on leave:

  • medical and dental end as of the last day of the month in which there were at least 8 hours pay and are not reinstated until the first of the month following return to an eligible appointment (unless the date of return is also the first business day of the month);
    • Employees re-hired from layoff who did not self-pay may not choose a new plan or add new dependents. Exception: if an open enrollment has occurred between the last period of coverage and the re-hire date, or a marriage, birth or an adoption has occurred.
  • life insurance ends as of the last day of the month in which the full monthly premium was paid; on return from leave or layoff, no optional coverage is reinstated unless applied for and approved by the insurance company;
  • LTD ends as of the last day in pay status and is reinstated on return as long as the enrollment form is completed within 10 days of return from leave; only those employees on an approved educational leave may continue LTD on a self-pay basis.
    • If you allow your optional (employee-paid) life insurance and, if on approved education leave, your LTD insurance to lapse, you must re-apply for coverage on return and provide proof of good health to the insurance company.

Life Insurance Premiums

You pay your normal premiums plus the employer basic coverage premium.

Long Term Disability

LTD can only be self-paid while on an approved educational leave of absense. Employees on other types of leave may not self-pay, but the optional coverage can be reinstated if you apply within 10 days of your return to an eligible position. If an educational leave is partially paid, deductions will be taken from the partial salary. Benefits, in the event of a claim, would be based on the partial salary unless arrangements are made to pay the difference and continue premiums as though in regular appointment pay status. Contact the Benefits Office for more information and to arrange deductions.

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