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Choosing a Dental Plan

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During the first 31 days of eligibility and at the annual open enrollment, EWU employees may choose among 2 managed care dental plans and one fee-for-service plan, the Uniform Dental Plan.

The main differences between the 3 plans are:

  • the dentists
  • if it is a co-pay or fee-for-service plan
  • where in the state the plan offers services

If you choose a dental plan because you have been covered by that plan before with another employer, the coverage will not be the same. The contracts are specific to the employer. It is your responsibility to know the limits of your coverage under the state insurance contracts.

PEBB Plan Comparison: Managed Care Plans vs. Uniform Dental Plan

Managed care dental plans require that you use their facilities and/or dentists for all of your services. By doing this, they control their costs, and you pay less for services. Fees are usually a flat co-payment as listed in the plan book.

The Uniform Dental Plan #3000 is a fee-for-service plan with a preferred provider network option.  You may use any dentist you wish. If you use a preferred-provider, your dentist will bill within the rate schedule, and you will only pay the employee share. You can find a preferred dentist from the Uniform Dental Preferred Provider list, which is managed by Washington Dental Service, the claims administrator for the plan.


Managed care dental plans either employ their own dentists or contract with certain dentists or clinics. Services can only be obtained from the plan's list of dentists. A dentist must be chosen at the time the plan is chosen. Be sure to call the dental office you want before choosing the plan, to ensure that they are accepting new patients. If you don't use the plan dentist, the plan does not have to pay your bills.

The Uniform Dental Plan is a fee-for-service plan which offers both preferred and non-preferred dentists. You may use any dentist you like anywhere in the world, however you will save money if you use a dentist from the preferred provider list.

  • Preferred providers on the state's approved list will submit bills for you. Your share of the bill will be limited to the preferred provider percentage stated in the Plan book.
  • Non-preferred providers may bill the plan for you, but their reimbursement will be limited to the preferred rate schedule and you will pay the difference.

Premiums - None


The managed care dentists will file any necessary claims for you.

Uniform Dental preferred providers also file claims for you. If you use a non-preferred provider, they may or may not file claims for you. Claim forms are available online, or contact the Benefits Office.

Dental Plans

DeltaCare Dental (Washington Dental Service) 1.800.650.1583
Uniform Dental  (Washington Dental Service) 1.800.537.3406
Willamette Dental 1.800.360.1909

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