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Affordable Care Act

In March, 2010, U.S. Congress passed, and President Obama signed into law, the Affordable Care Act, which puts in place comprehensive health insurance reform.  Starting this year and continuing through 2014, the Affordable Care Act will be implemented, with the intent of increasing access to affordable care for individuals, families, seniors and businesses.

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How Does the Affordable Care Act Affect Me at Eastern Washington University?

With coverage being available under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), beginning January 2014, most individuals will be required to have health insurance coverage.

Benefits offered to benefit-eligible Eastern Washington University (EWU) faculty and staff, have been determined to meet and/or exceed the standard identified by the ACA including premium affordability and acceptable health coverage levels of coverage.  The regular student plan may also be a viable option.

However, employees and students currently not eligible for or covered by benefits through EWU may need/want to review the coverage options available through the Marketplace, a new way to buy health insurance under the ACA.  This webpage provides basic information about the Marketplace as well as benefits offered through EWU, and its intended to assist in evaluating options for you and your family.


Employer Notification (including Employer Plan Information documents)

This notice specifically addresses the requirements of the ACA Employer Notification, but will also provide links to additional inofrmation individuals and their families may find helpful.  This notice serves as a household employer notification and should be provided to household members as well.

This notice has been provided to all existing employees as of September, 2013 and will be provided to all future employees starting October 1, 2013.

Employer Notification - Faculty and Staff

Employer Notification - Students


Affordable Care Act Resources

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