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EWU Grant Submission Policy

At Eastern Washington University all applications for external funding, whether federal, state, local or private, must be reviewed and approved by the Office of Grant and Research Development prior to submission and are submitted by the Office of Grant and Research Development.

This policy protects the individual grantseeker and the University in their interaction with external funders. A grant or contract is a binding agreement between EWU and an external entity, involving the commitment of university resources in the form of space, personnel, and/or goods and services. As such, all grant funded activities are subject to the internal policies and procedures of the University and the regulations which apply to EWU as a state institution.

All draft proposal documents must be submitted to the Grants Office ten working days prior to the submission deadline.

Several forms are required to be completed PRIOR to proposal submission.

1.     Internal Approval Form

The Internal Approval form is required to ensure that each proposal is approved by the appropriate unit(s)before submission.  

2.     Financial Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

Completion of this form is a federal requirement for all investigators to determine if there is significant financial interest in the proposed research. If there is a freportable inancial interest, you may still apply for funding, however  the interest must be disclosed. Please contact the Pre Award Staff for more information.

3.     Certification and Assurance Form 

The Office of Grant and Research Development adheres to all federal, state and institutional policies to promote responsible and objective research, and requires certain assurances from all faculty and staff who apply for external funding.

You can download the Ethics in Research policy here.

Thus, it is important to contact the Office of Grant and Research Development for guidance throughout the proposal process. Our Pre Award staff will assist in the process of completing the required forms and can provide support with human subjects compliance and animal care and use procedures.

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