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IRB applications and support materials are listed below. Preferably, only turn in applications that have print on one side (No double-sided pages please). Also, obtain the appropriate signatures before submitting the application. Incomplete applications will be returned. Turn in applications and the required number of copies (copies to include all supporting documentation just as the original) to Showalter 210 (SHW 210).

About copies:

  • Non-Exempt Research Full requests require an original plus fourteen (14) copies.
  • All other applications require an original plus two (2) copies.

About signatures:

  • Student applicants have a three signature minimum: theirs (including any co-applicants), the responsible project investigator's, and the IRB Representative or Department Chair.
  • All other applicants need only their signature.

Submit all forms to 210 Showalter Hall:

In person: 2nd floor Showalter to the right. The Office of Grant and Research Development is on the left-hand side across from the mens bathroom.

Through interoffice: 210 SHW

By regular post: Office of Grant and Research Development, 210 Showalter Hall, Cheney, WA  99004.

Determining Need for Review: Research Category, Changes, and Renewals

Documents for Exempt Research

New Application of Exempt Research to be Used Beginning Winter 2019

Based on changes to both the Federal Regulations (the Common Rule [45 CFR Part 46]) and University Policy (Human Research Interim Policy 302-02), eight new categories of exempt human subjects research have been defined. These redefine and supersede the previous six categories of exempt research that were previously in place.

All eight new categories of research require review under University Policy effective January 7, 2019. Therefore, new versions of the Application for Exempt Research, the Exempt Research Decision Aid, and the Guidelines for Completing an Application for Exempt Research are below and should be used for applications begun January 7, 2019 or later. A grace period for "old forms" is in place until January 31, 2019. Beginning February 1, 2019, outdated versions for the forms no longer will be accepted and will need to be redone using the current forms.

Application for Exempt Research

Guidelines for Completing an Application for Exempt Research

Exempt Research Decision Aid

Documents for Non-Exempt Research

Application for Non-Exempt Research

Guidelines for Completing an Application for Non-Exempt Research

Renewal of Approval and Change of Protocol

If you have received a notice of expiration and the project has changes, fill out an Applicaiton for Change of Protocol ONLY. The Application for Change of Protocol contains a section for renewing a project.

Application for Renewal of Approval

Application for Change of Protocol

Support Documents

Consent Form Writing Tips

Consent Form Template

Assent Form Template

Assurance for Projects for which IRB Review is Not Required*

Under certain conditions, classroom-based research projects and quality improvement/quality assurance (QI/QA) projects undertaken by EWU faculty, staff, and student employees do not require review and approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Human Subjects Research. To conduct a project without an IRB review, all of the conditions identified for the type of project to be undertaken must be met. To assure that a project is not subject to IRB review and approval, an Assurance for Project for which IRB Review is Not Required must be completed and signed by the person responsible for the project. The application must be submitted prior to conducting the project. Submit an original and one copy, one-sided copies only.

*This form is NOT intended for students conducting research to satisfy individual degree requirements.

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