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Jennifer Seeman, Manager - Financial Accounting and Reporting
319 Showalter
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General Accounting FAQ

What is my new Banner "account" number?

The Banner Index Code replaces the FRS account number. You can find your Index Code using any of the following methods:
  • Visit the FRS Account Converter site (enter old FRS account to find new Index Code).
  • See Banner form FTVACCI; allows searching by text (case sensitive).
  • Contact General Accounting if you need further assistance.

What's different between my old FRS account number and my new Banner Index Code?

The Index Code is a short-cut that represents a fund, organization and program code (as defined below). Generally, you only need to know the Index Code and Account Code to review your budget or complete a transaction.
  • Fund Code: describes the funding source such as state or university monies.
  • Organization Code: identifies a budgetary unit (somewhat similar to your old FRS account).
  • Program Code: describes the type of expense such as instructional or research.

A comparison of the old FRS account string and new Banner coding is shown below.

FRS: Ledger - Account - Subcode

Banner: Index - Account (index code contains defaults for fund, org and program codes)

How do I find the Banner equivalent of the FRS subcode?

The Banner Account Code replaces the FRS subcode. Visit the FRS Account Converter site (enter old FRS subcode to find new Banner account code). Contact GA staff if you need further assistance.

How do I know which expense or revenue account should be used for a particular transaction?

Find/view Banner Accounts and their related description using form FTVACCT. Contact GA staff if you need further assistance.

In Banner, how do I find expenses to-date and available budget balance for my organization?

Go to Banner form FGIBDST, enter your Index Code. Deselect the "Include Revenue Accounts" checkbox if your organization does not count on receipts to support your budget.

You may also run hard copy report using FGRBDSC. Visit the GA website for instructions to run a Banner report.

How do I find detailed transactions posted to my budget?

Drill down from the applicable account using form FGIBDST (as described above) by selecting Transaction Detail Information from the Options Menu. Or, you may run hard copy report FGRODTA. Visit the GA website for instructions to run a Banner report.

How do I find inception-to-date revenues and expenses for my grant?

Query your grant number using the FRIGITD form. Or, you may run hard copy report FRRGITD. Visit the GA website for instructions to run a Banner report.

What are the other codes that pop into a Banner form when I enter my Index Code?

The fund, organization and program codes (as defined above) are defaulted from the Index Code.

I found an expense that doesn't belong in my budget; how do I move it?

Drill down to the specific transaction using form FGIBDST and make a screen print; send it to GA with instructions on where it should be recorded (provide Index and Account Codes, if known). Those familiar with creating journal voucher adjustments can complete the JV form available from the GA website (attach Banner screen print or other support). Contact GA staff if you need assistance.

How do I transfer funds (money) to another budget unit?

If you cannot transfer budget authorization (contact Budget Services), send an email to the controller which indicates how much money should be moved from one Account Code to another. If moving money to another budgetary unit, also provide the Index Code for that unit.

What Banner index code should I use for recording general ledger activity (since the FRS account converter site provides only the fund code).

FRS general ledger accounts do not have an associated index code -- a Banner fund code must be used instead. The "rule of thumb" noted below should help in this regard.
  • Use a Banner index and account code when posting revenues or expenses.
  • Use a Banner fund and account code when posting general ledger activity, such as accounts receivable or inventory adjustments.

Most campus personnel will be recording only revenue and expense activity. However, certain areas on campus such as auxiliary services will also record general ledger activity. Contact General Accounting staff for assistance.

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