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Expectations of Council Chairs

Expectations of our Council Chairs

Accepting the Council Chair position means a commitment to do the following:

Chair all the meetings of the council. There are 12-13 meetings a year.  Each council meets twice monthly during the academic year except during breaks and holidays. The Faculty Organization Administrative Assistant sets the dates and meeting rooms for all the council meetings as well as those of the Academic Senate and Rules Committee.

Membership on the Rules Committee. There are 12-13 meetings a year. The Rules Committee is comprised of all Council Chairs, chair of the Faculty Values Committee, the Faculty Organization officers, a representative from the ASEWU and a representative from the administration.  Rules is responsible for setting the agenda for the Academic Senate.  Issues sent from the Senate for council work or from the administration for approval are discussed at Rules and Rules decides which council will work on the issue. Rules meets the 1st and 3rd Mondays from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m. except for weeks with a Monday holiday, when they meet on Tuesday.

Carry proposals to and from the Council. The Council Chair is charged with taking proposals from the Rules Committee to their council members for discussion. Once a proposal has been discussed, revised, etc., and approved by the council, the chair returns the proposal to Rules with the council's recommendations. Proposals can be referred to a council's subcommittees when appropriate.

Set Council agendas, draft the minutes and prepare Council and Committee Report for Rules. The Council Chair sets the agenda, drafts minutes (**does not apply to GAC or UAC), reports to Rules and prepares a 2-3 sentence council update for distribution to Senate.  The council update needs to be sent to the Administrative Assistant the Wednesday after each Rules meeting.  The Faculty Organization Administrative Assistant sends meeting materials prepared by council chairs to council members prior to each meeting.  Drafted minutes from each meeting need to be sent to the Administrative Assistant for the official record.  (** The Administrative Assistant attends all GAC and UAC meetings and prepares minutes for both councils which will be posted to the Faculty Organization website.)

Filling Council and subcommittee vacancies. The Council Chair works with the Faculty Organization office to get vacancies filled as quickly as possible.  The Council Chair is  responsible for checking attendance and keeping the Administrative Assistant informed if there is a member who is not attending meetings. When a member misses three meetings in one quarter without an explanation, he or she should be automatically removed from the council and notified by the Faculty Organization Administrative Assistant.

Representation from all colleges. It is custom, whenever possible, to have all colleges and the Library represented on each council. Council Chairs are responsible for speaking with their departments on issues being addressed that may affect their area.

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