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Common Acronyms

AAB   Academic Appeals Board; part of the Faculty Org

AASCU  American Association of State Colleges and Universities

AAUP   American Association of University Professors

ACC   Academic Computing Council; part of the Faculty Org - Replaced by ASAC 6/14

ACAC   Administrative Computing Advisory Committee

ASAC   Academic Systems Advisory Committee; part of the Faculty Org

ASEWU   Associated Students of Eastern Washington University

BAE   Bachelors of Arts in Education

BOT   Board of Trustees

CALE  College of Arts, Letters and Education

CBA   Collective Bargaining Agreement

CBPA  College of Business & Public Administration

CFR   Council of Faculty Representatives; includes all 6 public Higher Ed institutions

CGS   Council of Graduate Schools

CIRC   Conflict of Interest Review Committee

CPAC   Course & Program Approval Committee; there are 4:  2 grad, 1 undergrad, 1 Critical Foundations

CSBSSW  College of Social & Behavioral Sciences and Social Work

CSHE  College of Science, Health & Engineering

DEL   Distance and Extended Learning

DIEO   Division for International and Educations Outreach

DPT   Doctorate of Physical Therapy

ELI   English Language Institute

ERC   External Relations Committee

FO   Faculty Organization

FPAC   Faculty Planning Advisory Council; part of the Faculty Org. Removed 6/14

FRB   Faculty Review Board

FTE   Full time teaching equivalent

FTEF   Full time teaching equivalent faculty

FTES   Full time teaching equivalent students

FVC   Faculty Values Committee; part of the Faculty Org

GAC   Graduate Affairs Council; part of the Faculty Org

GECC   General Education Coordination Committee; part of the Faculty Org

GECR   General Education Core Requirement

GMAT   Graduate Management Admissions Test

GRE   Graduate Record Examination

GUS   Graduate and Undergraduate Studies

HECB   Higher Education Coordination Board/replaced by Washington Student Achievement Council 7/1/12

IACUC   Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

ICN   Intercollegiate College of Nursing

IPC   Intellectual Property Committee

ITGS   Integrative Studies

ITPC   Information Technology Policy Council

ITSC   Information Technology Support Center

LAC   Library Affairs Council; part of the Faculty Org

LAE   Liberal Arts Enrichment Core

MSC   Motion, seconded, carried

NFO   New Faculty Orientation

NWCCU   Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities; our accrediting agency

OFM   Washington State's Office of Fiscal Management

PACIA   President's Advisory Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics

PAF   Personnel Action Form

PC   President's Cabinet

PDRC   Policy Development and Review Committee; part of GAC

RCW   Revised Code of Washington

SIRTI   Spokane Intercollegiate Research and Technology Institute

SIS   Student Information System

SUBOC   Student Union Board of Control

TAG   Transfer Advisory Group

TESL   Teaching English as a Second Language

TOEFL   Test of English as a Foreign Language

TU   Teaching Unit

UAC   Undergraduate Affairs Council; part of the Faculty Org

UFE   United Faculty of Eastern; the faculty union

WAC   Washington Administrative Code

WFSE   Washington Federation of State Employees; local #931 is the classified staff union

WSL   Washington Student Lobby

WUE   Western Undergraduate Exchange

WICHE   Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education




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