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Recycling Department


EWU celebrates Earth Day with recycling center ceremony 

Read about it in the Eastern 24/7 & Daily Journal of Business

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Construction of New Recycle Center 

Does Eastern Washington University Recycle? 

The answer is a resounding YES, here are the ways the university reduces reuses or recycles.

There are recycle stations located in every building, on every floor.

In 2010 we have completed a campus wide implementation of self-service minimization with desk side self-service recycle bins and baskets.  This encourages the user to think about disposal methods, recycle, reuse or reduce. 

Call 359-2245 if a recycle station is overflowing.   

The products that the Recycling Department gathers and process from all buildings for shipping for recycling are the following:


Aluminum Cans

Plastic bottles

Milk jugs


Tin Cans


Phone Books

Hard Bound Books



Office pack paper

Mixed waste paper

Batteries from the UPS and small C, D, AA, AAA from small equipment.

Refrigerators /freezers/air conditioners/drinking fountains  


Cast aluminum

Stainless steel


Dental film

Dental lead

Brass from keys or plumbing fixtures


Electrical wire

Other specialized collection that the Recycling Department targets:

Football Tailgating, performed an aggressive approach this season with the amount of fans and length of season. 

Athletic events i.e. basketball, football, soccer etc...

Recycle stations and collection at all large events held outside including barbecues, commencement, etc...

Contractors are encouraged to utilize our on campus resources for recycling i.e. cardboard and metal recycling dumpsters in the Industrial Yard.

American Onsite has a 20 yard dumpster stationed at EWU Industrial yard for collection and reuse of all wood debris from the university. 

Other areas that the university Reuses Reduces or Recycles

Electronic recycling: IT is responsible for information removal from all equipment & machines prior to removal by DBA Inland Re-Tec LLC: 








Ink Cartridges collected by university Post Office and picked up by Office Depot for recycling.  

EWU Paint shop recycles paint thinner for reuse.

All metal from campus is collected and picked up by Pacific Steel.

EWU Electric Shop recycle fluorescent light tubes through state contract.

Cast aluminum when needed is given to departments for students to melt and recast for projects.  Steel and other scrap is used in sculptures for class projects

Refuse department used recycled steel beam for tracks to the move 40 yd receiver bin.

Central Warehouse reuses packing materials for campus distribution of orders. 

EWU Automotive Shop recycle used antifreeze & oil.

All confidential documents shredded by DeVries are turned into egg carton material. 

EWU Landscape Maintenance collect and chip all debris from pruning and reuse as mulch in planting beds or on the cross country trail on the west side of the university. 

Surplus Sales Store 

Reuse of state resources in another location.  Surplus of items no longer needed on campus.

Used furniture

Used clothing

Used electronics

Surplus office supplies

Athletic equipment

Used vehicles & equipment

Participate annually in the following:


  2015 will be EWU's 7th year of participation in this national event.

EPA Game Day Challenge


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