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Info for Contractors

Current Opportunities for Work

o   Bid Calendar

o  E-Plan Room

Invoice and Payment Documents

o   Application for Payment - provide at NTP

o   Payment Procedures_Guide Specifications

Bid Instructions and Forms

o   Bid Proposal

o   Instructions to Bidders

o   Bid Bond

o   Product Substitution Request

General Project Documents

o   Public Works Contract Execution Procedures 

o   Retainage Option

o   Retainage Bond

o   Bond Waiver -Request Form

o   Certificate of Insurance

o   General Conditions for Washington State

o   Sup. Conditions and Insurance Requirements

Change Management Documents

o   COP Pricing GC over 3 million

o   COP Pricing Sub over 3 million

o   COP Coversheet

o   Field Authorization Form

o   COP Pricing GC under 3 million

o   COP Pricing Sub under 3 million

o   Contract Modification Procedures

Project Closeout Documents

o   Closeout Procedures

o   Closeout Submittals

o   Construction Completion Checklist

o   Certificate of Substantial Completion

Prevailing Wage References and Links
Washington State Labor & Industries

o   Prevailing Wage Homepage

o   Filing Intents and Affidavits

o   Verification of Intents and Affidavits

o   Contractor Strike List

o   Contractors Not Allowed to Bid 

o   Verify Contractor, Tradesperson or Business

o   Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) and Blocked Persons List: 

Construction Laws, Rules and Registration
Washington State Labor & Industries

o   Laws and Rules

o   Registration Requirements

o   Awarding Agency Responsibility

o   Title 39 RCW - Public Works Law

Project Management Tools

o   SharePoint Log-in

o   Submittal Exchange Log-in
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