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Consultant Roster

Architect, Engineers and Industry Consultants

General Requirements

Construction and Planning maintains a roster of architectural and engineering consultants who are eligible to perfrom consulting services on projects where the estimated fee for services is less than $150,000. Consultants must be on the roster to be considered for work.  Inclusion in the roster does not represent a prequalification to perform services. EWU will evaluate the qualifications of consultants in the roster to select the most qualified consultant for individual projects.

Instructions and Application Documents

o   Consultant Roster Application

o   Standard Form 330

o   AE Consultant Selection Procedures

o   Roster Advertisement

o   View Consultants Currently on the Roster

o   Sharepoint Consultant Roster (EWU Only)


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Consultant Roster?

It is a central file of consultants' statement of qualifications (SOQ) used to select firms to provide services for public works projects with an estimated fee under $150,000. The file is used by Eastern Washington University Construction and Planning Services Office to select consultants based on qualification instead of a bidding process.

Who can become part of the Consultant Roster?

The file is open to consultants who successfully complete the submittal process. Inclusion in the Consultant Roster is not a guarantee of work. It only provides the firm with the opportunity to be selected.

When are submittals accepted?

We advertise for submittals annually. However, new and updated submittals are accepted year round. It is the consultant's responsibility to keep their files updated.

How do I join the Consultant Roster?

Create and submit an electronic portfolio that provides a Statement of Qualification for your firm. Alongside the portfolio, attach a Letter of Interest and a completed Standard Form 330. Follow instructions carefully -- it is important that your submittal is complete and correct.

Is the Consultant Roster used for larger public works projects?

For larger public works projects with a basic consultant fee over $125,000, a separate newspaper advertisement and submittal is required by law. See Current Projects Advertised for Consultants for a complete list of projects.

Who should I contact if I have questions?

Jacquelyn Early
phone: 509-359-6746
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