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Classroom Space Data

General Use Classrom (FICM Code 110) Specialized Classrooms (FICM Code 210

The following document represents all EWU classrooms on the Cheney, WA campus that are considered general use (FICM code 110) and are centrally scheduled by the University Registrar.

The following document represents all EWU classrooms on the Cheney, WA campus that are considered specialized use (FICM code 210) and are departmentally scheduled.

General Use Classroom Configuration

Specialized Classroom Configuration 

For information on how seating capacities are determined in each FICM Code 110 classroom please review the following document; FEPG Classroom Capacity Guidelines.

Information for both types of classrooms includes:

  • room schematics
  • basic space statistics
  • attributes (square footage, maximum fire code occupancy, seating capacity, and recommended seating layout)

Each classroom schematic will be posted on the wall in its associated room throughout campus.

The custodial staff in each building will use these posted schematics/signs in order to setup each classroom. This will ensure that the physical classroom layout and actual seat count matches the information contained in the Registrars scheduling database.

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