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Computer Literacy

Computer Literacy Program Goals

The Computer Literacy Program is designed with your future in mind. As a student at EWU and as an employee after you have completed your education, you will face situations where you are called upon to demonstrate your competency with an increasing variety of computers and computer software. The Computer Literacy Program is designed to ensure you have the basic skills you will need. The CPLA I and II exams are your opportunity to demonstrate the basic skill level and to identify areas that might need your attention.

EWU Computer Competency Requirements

Eastern is committed to providing its students with basic computer competency skills. All new freshman and transfer students without a direct transfer AA degree must satisfy Computer Literacy competencies. Those students transferring with an AA degree are advised to demonstrate competency, or take the courses to prepare for computer use in later courses. Some disciplines (e.g. Education) require demonstration of computer literacy regardless of an AA degree. Specific courses (e.g. CSCD 210) might include computer literacy as a course prerequisites, so check the catalog.

How to demonstrate competency

A student must pass the Computer Literacy I and II exams with a score of 80% or better to demonstrate competency in these areas. Exams are available in CPLA100, CPLA101, CPLA120, or by challenge.

You can prepare for the exams by:

  1. Taking CPLA 100 and 101 (1 credit each) (tests included)
  2. Taking the 5 credit CPLA 120 - Computer Applications Literacy (tests included)  
  3. Challenging the exams.
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