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Priority Registration

Priority registration

Priority registration is a time scheduled for continuing current EWU students to register for the next term. Your registration day and time is based on your total number of completed credits. It is important to register during your Priority Registration time so that you can get the courses that you need to graduate on-time!  

Current EWU students

The Priority Registration schedule is available here.

New and returning students

New and returning student registration begins after Priority Registration for current EWU Students. New and returning students are required to meet with an academic or departmental advisor before registering for classes their first quarter at EWU. New Freshmen: please visit here for more information. New Transfer students: please visit here for more information.

Registration holds

Students with fewer than 45 earned credits are required to meet with their academic or departmental advisor BEFORE registration each quarter. All students with fewer than 45 credits will have a registration hold. This hold will be lifted by your academic or departmental advisor after your meeting for academic planning each quarter. Make sure to meet with your academic or departmental advisor in plenty of time to register during your priority registration time.

Registration holds are put on your student account for lots of different reasons, including: students who owe money, who have not yet submitted their final high school and/or college transcripts, and who need to officially declare their major.

Students should contact the department responsible for the hold to find out what they need to do to get the hold cleared. You can view any holds on your account in MyEWU, go to:

  1. Student
  2. Click "Holds" in the "Academic Profile" box (in the left-hand column).

Holds are put on at different times during the quarter, so it's important to check your holds several times during the quarter.

Important registration information

For up-to-date information on registration dates, deadlines, and other important information regarding student records, follow EWU Records and Registration on Twitter or like them on facebook:

Follow @EWURegistrar on Twitter 

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